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“This is what you learn when you spend a year researching the crazy stuff in Memphis,” Whitten says of the research that went into Memphis Fast Fiction. “If this writing project has taught me anything, it’s that this one spot on the Mississippi has never not been kind of messed up and crazy, starting with the original settlement. Memphis was the most debauched place on the French frontier. Gambling, drinking: There was nothing else for people to do.”

You can pick it up in this week’s print version of the Flyer, or read it on their website here.

Big thanks to Leonard Gill for his support of the project.

And when I say blogging, what I really mean is doing some kind of text-based performance art. Like sword swallowing whilst live tweeting it.

His Secondhand Underground blog is here and deals with the local thrift store flora and fauna.

His other one, Oh Dear God Why, concerns itself with his “taste tests” of exotic and probably dangerous food stuffs.

Individually, they’re funnier than anything I’ll ever write. Together? They put the rest of the Internet to shame.

Jess Nevins is amazing. Absolutely amazing. They guy is the High Priest of Low Fiction.

And he’s starting up a series of posts about the history of science fiction pulps on io9.

I started working on these almost a full year ago. Took me along time to research and then organize and figure out how to write. But I think the end results will be worth it.

This is the first in a series. First column is the history of sf pulps, 1896-1936. Second is 1937-1953. Third and fourth are a history of European sf pulps. Fifth is a history of German pulp sf (“sf pulps under totalitarianism, pt 1″). Sixth is a history of Russian and Soviet pulp sf. Seventh will be Japanese pulp sf. (Thus covering the big three of totalitarian regimes).

I’m not a huge io9 fan. I think they do some really good blogging, and some really bad blogging. But, I think Jess Nevins is absolutely brilliant and should be checked out regardless of where his stuff is.

First one is here.

Been wondering what’s going on with my other site, The Great and Secret Thing?

We’ve been busy rebuilding it from the ground up to make it easier for the user to find content on, and then vote on what they like best. In a few weeks we’ll be rolling out new user tools for anyone what wants to contribute to the site.

Here’s part of what I said about the new design:

The redesign itself was done by Laurel Amatangelo, and coded by me off of the WP-NewsMag theme. The last design of the site was about old libraries, hidden tomes, and secrets. This one is about a dusty, traveled letter, read, reread and passed through many hands. We’re still The Great and Secret Thing, but we’re no longer gnostic in our secrets. Now it is all about sharing each of our secret talents with the world.

Hope you all like the new site, I know I do.

Oh, and go vote for some stuff.

It is up here.

You’ll find stuff like this at it:

You should add it to your normal morning blog trollings.

My Sunday night potluck group has started a food-oriented group blog to collect all of the various recipes of the things that we make for the potluck. Most of what you’ll find from me there will already have been posted here. But, if you like those posts and want more, check it out.

The Horn of Plenty

Collecting the web-footprints of a great number of my friends in this post, just so I can have a point of easy reference in the future.

If you’ve got something out there that I don’t know about, leave me a comment and I’ll roll it into this list.

First up we’ve got Matt and Kerry, the recently engaged pair behind Radio-Sweethearts. They both run their own blogs in addition to the R/S stuff. Their individual works are pretty much what you’d expect from two 20-somethings who run an NPR fan blog. Kerry’s a bit more verbose than Matt most times, but Matt posts more often these days. Did I mention they are getting married in an old brothel?

Amanda Dill collects her thoughts on life and what ever else ambles across her brain over here. She a lovely, foul-mouthed thing that’s not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks and can probably drink the lot of you under the table. Her husband is a photographer of amazing talent. I would love to see the world as he does, even if just for a few minutes.

Dave and Amy are another one of my married couple friends. They moved to town a few months back and plan on opening up a book store slash coffee house at some point in the future. Dave’s got a personal blog that he keeps up along with another blog devoted entirely to thrift store expeditions. His charming wife, Amy, maintains her own space over here. Have I mentioned that Amy has better tattoos than any of you?

My neighbor and dear friend, Kip, has recently gutted his site and transformed it into a single-post per page photoblog. He’ll probably get more use out of this than the other thing, and he’s less likely to get drunk and mouth off about his employers if he’s just posting photos.

The midnight warrior, LT, is probably the most prolific web person out of everyone I know and her blog has been around longer than the rest of ours, too.

I think that about wraps it up for the people I know who are pushing content out on a regular basis, but again, if I missed you, post a comment and let me know.

Eric Freitas is up and running now, and you should all go check it out. Eric keeps the site updated with his current projects and when completed clocks are going up for sale. Not that the going up for sale helps you, since his clocks sell in seconds. He’s also got galleries of pictures of his clocks, both in progress and finished. As well as sketch collections.

Go check it out. Go now.

Kaiju, literally translated from Japanese means strange beast. In common language it has come to refer to any sort of monster movie, especially ones with outlandish monsters.

The Undead Backbone has been running a series over the past few days called the Top 20 Craziest Kaiju Countdown where they are showcasing the best examples of genre.  Number 1 on their list dropped a few days ago (a giant space chicken) and now I’m pointing all of you toward it to go check out the whole thing.

It’s where I got the movie for the last post, and is a great collection of obscure and interesting monsters.

Carl has a post about my tattoo today.

Are you in the States and wondering when your stimulus check is going out?

Well the IRS actually does something right for a change and gives you a tool to figure out when you’re getting the check.

Go here.

The Unholy Trinity

Conan O’Brien, E.T. and Vigo the Carpathian.

Blatantly taken from the ever stultifying Ectoplasmosis.

Storyboard Comic reference

Use lots of white space between anchor images. Show lots of external, rough stuff outside of the intentional “shot” area.

Might be too much for a whole book. Maybe better used for a specific sequence or element in a book.

Reference link to Billy George’s blog – I Will post.

Matt and Kerry - The Radio Sweethearts

The Bryant Park Project recently interviewed Kerry and Matt about their blog, Radio-Sweethearts. The thing finally went up on Friday. You can read Matt’s article and listen to their interview here.

I would have had this up on Friday, but the damn Pope was cursing me.

It also occurs to me that the cross linking from their site was the only reason my traffic was still decent on Friday. I can only imagine what mental an emotion scars I gave those people.

The Death of the American Star

Meet the American Star, the final name of an ocean liner commissioned by the United State Lines back in 1940. She sailed the ocean for 54 years before being wrecked in the Canary Islands in 1994. Over the next dozen years she would slowly decay and break up. She’s little more than a scattering of rusting metal across a sandbar now.

She started her life as the penacle of modern ocean liners, but was drafted into service as a troop transport during World War 2 where she would see service in both the European and Pacific theaters, as well as being infiltrated by Nazi spies. Her interiors were designed by women, a fact that no other ship of her size could boast. Those interiors were noting for being more beautiful and comforting than any other ship in her fleet. After the war, she would return to service as a luxury liner, but a series of bad owners and poor repair would keep the American Star from ever reaching her old glory again.

Here is the wikipedia accounting of her final journey.

In 1994, the ship was sold yet again, with the intention of being refitted to become either a hotel or prison ship off Phuket, in Thailand. Drydocking at that time revealed that despite the years of neglect, her hull was still in remarkably good condition. She was renamed American Star, and with her propellers removed, she left Greece under tow by the Ukrainian tug Neftegaz 67.

On 15 January 1994, while caught in an Atlantic storm, the tow lines broke, and attempts to reestablish the tow at sea were unsuccessful. On 17 January, the crew aboard the American Star was rescued by helicopter. The ship ultimately ran aground off Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

While discussions between the ship’s owners, the towing firm, and the companies insuring the ship were going on, the ship was left to nature. With the forward part of the ship running aground on a sandbar, the ship broke in two just past the second funnel. Due to this, the ship was declared a total loss on 6 July 1994. The stern section soon collapsed completely and sank, while the bow continued to remain upright.

In November 2005, the port side of the bow section collapsed, which caused the liner’s remains to assume a much sharper list and the remaining funnel to detach and fall into the ocean. The collapse of the port side also caused the hulk to begin to break up and by October 2006, the wreck had almost completely collapsed onto its port side.

In April 2007 the starboard side finally collapsed causing the wreck to break in half and fall into the sea. What now remains is also slowly sinking and disintegrating and as of fall 2007, only a very small portion of the ship is now visible.

You can find lots more pictures and information here.

Here she is on Google Maps, too. Which is funny considering that she’s been underwater for about 6 months now. It shows you how old some of these photos really area.

HDR graffiti

More like this in an awesome collection found here at Abduzeedo

The Face of No Future Forever

Russian punk street kid. The epitome of No Future Forever.

From the Mod Blog.

This was released last night.

I just found it today.

I promptly came.

Holy god this is amazing.

I need new pants.

People have had a weekend to chew through some of the iPhone SDK stuff, and have pulled out a glaring flaw: no non-Apple developer can have access to the background processes of the phone.

To lay-man that for you, all modern computers allow for multi-tasking. Right now I am writing in a web browser as iTunes plays and I upload a file to my FTP. That’s because the other programs are able to tap into the background processes of the computer. On an iPhone, however, you can only do one of those at a time. Say for instance I was in the middle of a game of SPORE, and suddenly my phone rings. Well, the game just ends right then and there. No pause, no save, it just craps out as the primary phone program forces itself to the front. What if you were using AIM and you got a phone call or an email? You’d lose any unread IMs and would be signed out of AIM. Which blows.

Apple is doing an excellent job of taking 10 steps forward and 9 steps back with the iPhone.

Story broken here.

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