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Putting this here so I don’t forget about these beautiful things:

Via Yewknee:

This gallery of Yugoslovian monuments is a feast for the eyes but, even better, if you read through this thorough explanation of their past you will get a little treat for the brain. The diversity of the designs is impressive and the motivation behind their initial construction makes their neglect even more poignant.

One more…

From the Vintage Ad Live Journal community.

The ranks of sunburnt athletes of the Red Army move as if cast from a single alloy. Fighters who are physical culturists. The youths that have taken up arms. In an equally masterly fashion they wield the bayonet and the tennis racquet, the ball and the explosive grenade, the glove of the boxer and the machine-gun. Splendid health, steel muscles, true hearts: three sacred thoughts – Fatherland, Socialism, Stalin – inspire them with pride and love.

Ah, retro-futurism and kaiju movies, two of my favorite things mixed in a perfect sushi roll of awesome. Here’s the synopsis from Wikipedia:

It is the 100th year of Showa (2025, to be exact). Earth sends an expedition to Mars in the spaceship “Izanami”. A huge rock formation is discovered beneath the surface, and is transported back to our planet, on which the seemingly-harmless rock grows into a colossal floating saucerlike crustacean lifeform called “Negadon,” which proceeds to attack Tokyo. At the same time, Ryûichi Narasaki, a downcast robotics constructor, is still devastated by the death of his only young daughter (and the loss of his left eye, replaced with a bionic eye), caused by the malfunctioning of his masterpiece, the giant super-robot MI-6 2 “Miroku.” Because of the ominous threat of Negadon, Narasaki faces the painful choice of reactivating (and piloting) the Miroku to battle the space monster and protect our world.

And here’s the whole damn thing (all in 26 minutes in Japanese without subtitles, sadly).:

Not entirely sure what this is. The short is entitled “Komsomol”, which roughly translates out to “Communist Youth League”. But it has Tesla coils and theremins, so what else do you need to know?

Originally spied over at I09, but I found the full clip elsewhere.

 Golden Age Comic Book Stories

There is an interesting collection of Golden Age comic book covers, art and short stories over here.

Radio Police Automaton

Click here for the full sized image where you can read the body copy. And you really should read it.

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