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It’s a new year. One where the Mayans are supposedly going to kill us all from beyond the grave, or something.

Been quiet around here for a bit.

The site’s been just a numbers station, really. Humming along through the dark of the night, waiting for something to happen, waiting to screech back to life, commanding the sleeper agents to throw off their sham lives and but a bullet in the neck of every apparatchik they can find.

Time to fill the dead air, I think.

You see, my book’s done. Memphis Fast Fiction is dead and in a bag, waiting for the taxidermy of the editing knife to come and pretty it up before I turn it out for publishers to reject. I wrote 365 stories about Memphis in 2011, and I sure as hell thought it was going to drive me mad, but, by God, I did it. Now to see if anyone wants to pay to put the thing to paper.

I heard dead trees are expensive these days.

(Hah, “my book’s done” – now that’s something I never thought I’d get to say.)

And now I’m turning my attention back here. Time to start writing about things that aren’t the city I live in.

There’s a whole big world out there, with mad, wondrous things in it. Time to go exploring.

This is the Brain Release Valve, welcome to the Mayan Death Year.

Spending all my time writing Memphis Fast Fiction right now. Nearly to 275 stories this year. Should hit it before the week is out.

But, once that project is over, I’m eager to get back to doing whatever it was I did around these parts.

See you after the New Year.

Been empty around here of late, no?

Researching and writing a short story every day for Memphis Fast Fiction has really taken it out of me, blog-wise. I just haven’t had the energy to get the juices flowing to the proper part of my brain that this site requires.

Those being the yelly, jumpy, shouty, sweary parts of my brain.

But, I feel bad letting the old girl just waste away. That’s not a noble death, and it’s not like I planned on closing up shop. Once the year of MFF is done, I’ll be back here.

I thought about just using it as a dump for photos, but that got poo-poo’d by L.

She did suggest I go back to the blog’s original intent, that being a dumping ground for all of my brain sputum.

“You send me all sorts of crap, why not just put all that up there?”

(She said it in nicer words because she is a lovely lady.)

And you know what? That’s not a bad damn idea.

So, here’s to the Brain Release Valve, once a cluttered desk, always a cluttered desk.

A few weeks back I got hit with some weird widget hack that added porn spam all down my side bar.

And unfortunately, Google cached that iteration of the page. So, now all of the search results for the site are…uh…off.

Unless you came here looking for Thai ladyboi on Uyghur bbw porn.

Which if you did, I say WELCOME BROTHER!

Anyway, does anyone know how to do anything about that? Or do I have to wait for Google to re-index the site?

Oh, and here’s a funny picture from a real movie:

I’m having trouble spitting out as much content here as I’d like. Brain’s just felt empty as of late. Can’t really put my finger on why, it just has.

So, to try to kick some life into the old thing, as well as keep my fingers moving, I’m going to start…I’m loathe to say reviewing…commenting on the media I consume. Which is, honestly, a lot.

I’m going to try to think of a humorous name for the thing, and try to keep the overall tone funny and light and free of jargon.

We’ll see how this goes, yes?

I’ve been getting savaged over IM about the new theme, but I thought I’d throw it out to the rest of you. See if anyone, you know, maybe actually likes it.

A few opening caveats.

  • Yes, I know it is big and you’ve got scroll bars. Oh no I want to be able to show off 800×600 photos and big bits of text. Having to crunch down pretty pictures or turn 1k word pieces into sky-scraper block of text blows.
  • I want something I can drop more small things into and not have it feel empty or cluttered. This strikes a middle ground for me.
  • It needs some more color. I’ll figure that out if you all don’t hate this.
  • Finally, I was bored with my old look. I need something new, and most importantly, I need to like it.

Hit me with your thoughts. Positive or gory.

Itching for a visual change, about to gut the blog’s theme.

Bare Bear with me.

EDIT: Goddamn you, Dave


There is peace in the hiss of an active mic with no sound behind it.

But, I think we can all agree that a good bit of shouting every now and again is a beautiful thing, no?

We’re back, my lovelies.

I am in the process of moving and launching a huge website at work.

Which means that I have next to no time to devote to the Brain Release Valve right now.

So, we’re going quiet until the storm has passed.

Until other wise notified, think of this as a numbers station. The silence rules, but there might be an occasional scream of random, seemingly unrelated things.

But don’t count on it.


Taken from the blog of one Joe Wyszynski. He lives in Taiwan, and made the horrible, horrible mistake of following me on Twitter.

I inadvertantly torpedoed the right side bar. Working on fixing that now.

But, that downtime and DNS move cost me nearly all of my Google relevancy.

If any of my friends out there want to help me out by doing a retrospective on my site and linking to their favorite bits here from their blog, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Fucking hell.

Feed is here:

If you’re subscribing to it and stuff isn’t coming through, please post here so I can figure out what to do about it.

Let me know how you’re getting the RSS feed, too. IE: What program or browser you’re using.

Update 11:04pm- I’ve upgraded the WP install I was using, and checked the validation of the RSS2 feed. My suggestion if you are still having problems is to delete your old RSS bookmark and then make a new one for the site. The last site update before the posting flurry today was last Wednesday, so this problem probably coincides with Dreamhost setting my server on fire and moving me to a new host. They had to re-propagate my DNS, so things might be looking for the RSS feed to be in a place that it isn’t anymore.

I’m going to start pimping my friends on a weekly basis, or if any of them actually do anything interesting during the week, I’m sure I’ll talk about it when it happens.

Dave is still working his way through his masochistic bizarre drinks challenge. The whole thing is probably grounds for his institutionalization, but it is wonderfully fun for the rest of us. Schadenfreude and all of that. I mean what else can you do at laugh at a man who does shit like this:


The Radio-Sweethearts celebrated their year anniversary (blogiversary?) with their blog being down. They are back now, doing their normal NPR nerdery, and talking a lot about their new dog, Henry.

I also want to stab them both for implanting the term “baroo” into my consciousness. Or let their dog eat them. Or something.

Fuck you. No baroo.

Brandon’s been doing his normal photog bit, which has taken him into the belly of the beast.

If you will now, take a minute and try to imagine a process that will simultaneously make your bones noticeably whiter in a matter of minutes, AND not give you cancer of the head. I felt the pores around my hair loosening just being near the damn thing, let alone giving one a blow job for 15 minutes.

He also went to the Roller Derby the other night.


The Twitter widget I was using shit the bed, so I’m trying to make something else work.

Expect wonkiness until I’m done.

EDIT: Fix’t. New Twitter badge is on the right sidebar. It is Flash, so let me know if you have any issues with it.


It is up here.

You’ll find stuff like this at it:

You should add it to your normal morning blog trollings.

Mic check.

No idea what I’ll ever do with this, but I have it now.

This may be my final post if the upgrade kills the whole damn thing.

So, I hope you all get fucked to death by transexual farm animals wearing Republican president masks.

(I might be joking.)


I’ve changed a few things under the hood that deal with comments, let me know if you have any issues posting.

You may have to re-approve all of you. We’ll see.

I was getting tired of having to scrunch images down in a 500px wide space.

Plus it makes my 1500+ word articles take up less space vertically on the page.

If you were wondering what was different, that’s it.

(And if it causes page to scroll – tough shit. Join the 21st century and get a decent monitor)

Amanda Dill

Mrs. Amanda Dill has a blog I was not aware of. I became aware of it today. So I am now making you aware of it.

Go. Read. Do. Now.

Added it to the side bar, as well.

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