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Putting this here so I don’t forget about these beautiful things:

Via Yewknee:

This gallery of Yugoslovian monuments is a feast for the eyes but, even better, if you read through this thorough explanation of their past you will get a little treat for the brain. The diversity of the designs is impressive and the motivation behind their initial construction makes their neglect even more poignant.

One more…

A little bit of bat-shit crazy to start our morning off with, yes?

Oh, and if anyone is looking for some last minute gift ideas, the deluxe American Astronaut gift set has jumped to the top of my list.

Soviet Space Illustration

Dark Roasted Blend posted a collection of imagery from old non-English pulp science fiction. There is some gorgeous stuff in there. Great research material for the spacepunk idea I’m working on. They also maintain a flickr photo stream here of the stuff they blog.

You’ve got cyberpunk, you’ve got windpunk, you’ve got steampunk. And now I’ve got the next one for you:



All of the crazy 40s-50s space scifi schemas wrapped up in the gritty reality and moderism that defines a genre punk movement.

I’m almost tempted to transpose my story into this. The mind, it boggles.

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