I’m working up character descriptions and background for the guests at the Curio, and I’m going to share them with you. Expect two or so a week until I work through all 6 major guests.

The Shaman.

Not his real name, nor even the name that I’ll use for him in the comic, but it is best short hand I have to keep track of him.

No one knows exactly who the Shaman is, or how long he’s been around. The earliest authenticated recordings of an Esoteric fitting his description comes from a 17th century Dutch sailing vessel. The record holds that a ship headed toward Bonaire in the West Indies fished a man out of the trade waters. He had apparently been in the water for days, and was muttering to himself in a language the sailors didn’t understand. His body was covered in strange tattoos and scar patterns. The castaway had a condition that had covered most of the right arm and upper torso with a rough, brown skin – not unlike the bark of a tree. But his eyes were the most striking things. One was bright sky blue, with a horizontal pupil, like a goat’s eye. The other was normal brown eye, just like you’d see on any person on the street. The crew took the strange man into the galley and tended to him. Once he woke, the man wrapped himself from head to toe in cloth and never said another word. For the last week of the trip, he just sat in the far corner of the galley, not speaking to anyone, not moving, not eating, not drinking. When the ship reached port, the crew came down to tell their strange passenger they had arrived, only to find him gone.

A thorough inspection of the records of the Society’s Listeners would find many more references to the man with the blue goat’s eye.

A lost journal of Charles Darwin mentioned finding a man wrapped in linen living on the Galapagos Islands when the naturalist arrived. In the journal, Darwin mentions that many of his ideas about evolution sprung from conversations with the strange man.

From Brazil in 1889, a newspaper clipping makes reference to a man with strange eyes saving a ship of rubber traders from burning to death when their ship caught fire on the Amazon. The traders claimed the fire didn’t burn the man’s skin.

Personal accounts from US soldiers involved in the Polar Bear Expeditionary Force that occupied Arkhangelsk, Russia during the Russia Civil War speak of a man, wrapped in thin white cloth. They say the man stole medical supplies from their depot to tend to the towns people that were dying from the influenza epidemic. The soliders claim to have shot him, repeatedly, only to have him walk past them, unfazed. There is no mention of this incident in any official report.

The records of Unit 731, the Japanese medical experiment division during World War 2, makes reference to a man with mismatched eyes and an unidentified skin condition. The referred to him as a specimen of interest. The specimen was apparently immune to all of their germ and chemical weapons.

And now this man has made the Curio his place of residence. He keeps to himself, only ever leaving his room to go to the library, or to claim hot water from the small cafeteria on the first floor. He uses it to brew his tea, a special blend that he mixes himself. When he drinks it, the entire lobby of the Curio is filled with the smell of a warm summer breeze run through a green house of every flower that has ever existed.

The other guests view the Shaman with a some what reverential attitude. They have all heard stories of him, and none of them want to guess if some of the nastier things they’ve heard are true. Even the fat, pompous alchemist seems to understand this is not a person to be trifled with.