Collecting the web-footprints of a great number of my friends in this post, just so I can have a point of easy reference in the future.

If you’ve got something out there that I don’t know about, leave me a comment and I’ll roll it into this list.

First up we’ve got Matt and Kerry, the recently engaged pair behind Radio-Sweethearts. They both run their own blogs in addition to the R/S stuff. Their individual works are pretty much what you’d expect from two 20-somethings who run an NPR fan blog. Kerry’s a bit more verbose than Matt most times, but Matt posts more often these days. Did I mention they are getting married in an old brothel?

Amanda Dill collects her thoughts on life and what ever else ambles across her brain over here. She a lovely, foul-mouthed thing that’s not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks and can probably drink the lot of you under the table. Her husband is a photographer of amazing talent. I would love to see the world as he does, even if just for a few minutes.

Dave and Amy are another one of my married couple friends. They moved to town a few months back and plan on opening up a book store slash coffee house at some point in the future. Dave’s got a personal blog that he keeps up along with another blog devoted entirely to thrift store expeditions. His charming wife, Amy, maintains her own space over here. Have I mentioned that Amy has better tattoos than any of you?

My neighbor and dear friend, Kip, has recently gutted his site and transformed it into a single-post per page photoblog. He’ll probably get more use out of this than the other thing, and he’s less likely to get drunk and mouth off about his employers if he’s just posting photos.

The midnight warrior, LT, is probably the most prolific web person out of everyone I know and her blog has been around longer than the rest of ours, too.

I think that about wraps it up for the people I know who are pushing content out on a regular basis, but again, if I missed you, post a comment and let me know.