First up, the essentials:

-Your Sample Ballot
-Your Early Voting Locations
-Your Voting Locations

And the local propostions:

County Ordinance #364 Five Officers Created – Vote Yes or No

  • Establishes the offices of Sheriff, Trustee, Register, County Clerk, and Assessor as county charter positions
  • Set the Sheriff’s compensation at 80% to 95% of the County Mayor’s salary but reduce it for failure to have certain corrections-related qualifications within a specific time period
  • Prohibit officers from suing the County to challenge the personnel budget, but allow the Sheriff to challenge by binding arbitration;

This is just basic business stuff for the county. Read more about it in the ballot if you want too, but this won’t really change anything for anyone.

County Ordinance #365 Term Limits for Five Officers – Vote Yes or No
All county elected officials would be limited to two consecutive terms.

God yes. Term limits are exactly what this city needs.

City Ordinance #5232 Recall of a Memphis City Council Member – Vote Yes or No
Allows the citizens of Memphis to recall the election of a Memphis City Council member.

Of course you want to vote yes on this. Why should the populace not be allowed to remove a corrupt or incompetent official from office?

City Ordinance #5265 Residence requirements of persons employed solely by the City – Vote Yes or No
Requires all appointed city employees to live within the City of Memphis.

No, God no. This is something that is an attempt to shore up the Memphis tax base, but in actuality all it does is limit the hiring pool. Local government jobs aren’t highly sought after, so it isn’t like people are moving into the city to take a job where they are over worked, under payed and employed at the whim of an ego-maniac. Voting no on this will keep our hiring pool open to a larger group of people. Which, hopefully, will lead to a better city over all.

Memphis Charter Commission
Referendum #1 Term Limits – Vote Yes or No
Mayor, City Council and City Court Clerk will serve no more than 2 consecutive four-year terms.

Term limits = good. Plus, this gets means we’re done with King Willie after this current term is over. Vote yes on this.

Referendum #2 Staggered Terms – Vote Yes or No
Half the City Council is elected every two years, ensuring that there could not be total turnover of that body in a single election.

This is both good and bad. It keeps the flow of council business smooth, but if they all fuck up on something you’ll either have to wait a total of four years to get them all out of office, or recall them. I’m voting yes on this.

Referendum #3 Sale of MLGW – Vote Yes or No
Before a sale of the utility can be completed, a referendum must be held.

If you care about government corruption and the cost of your utilities, vote yes on this. If this passes, the mayor won’t be able to sell MLGW without the consent of the people.

Referendum #4 Suspension from Official Duties – Vote Yes or No
Elected or appointed officials charged with or indicted for official malfeasance or misconduct, shall be suspended with pay pending final resolution of the charge.

Why this wasn’t already on the books, I don’t know. Vote yes on this so we can stop paying criminals who were supposed to represent us, but did nothing but line their own pockets instead.

Referendum #5 Instant Runoff Voting – Vote Yes or No
In this system, voters would rank candidates in order of preference.

In the instance where places use this system, it only expedites the process of electing an official in the case of a run-off. No waiting another two months for a public ballot. I’m voting yes to this.

Referendum #6 Filling Vacancy in the Office of the Mayor – Vote Yes or No
Clarifies the procedure if the mayor resigns or can otherwise not serve.

There is more information on the ballot, but it basically creates a psuedo-mayor for 180 days while an election is scheduled. Voting yes on this just because the thought of having some one as mayor instead of Willie makes me giddy.

Now go vote.