California’s Proposition 8. A ballot entitled Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. It was the dark lining on the cloud of liberal heaven that was the Nov 08 election. Passing with a 5% margin, the ballot enabled the Californian legislature to write laws that forbid the provision of equal rights to same-sex couples. The sad irony is that it would have passed had large numbers of African American voters turned out to vote for Barack Obama. On the whole, African Americans tend to be more church-centric than Caucasians, and thusly, more infavor of the definition of marriage as man/woman. As the Daily Show humerously pointed out, the oppressee had immediatley become the oppressor.

Today, on the opposite side of the continent, a Connecticut superior court judge cleared the way for the state to allow same sex couples to marry. And as the lines around courthouses will atest, people are taking full advantage of their rights. At least, they will until another judge over turns it.

And that’s how this is going to go, back and forth between the state legislatures and the courts, always dancing just shy of the Supreme Court. I fully expect a challenge to Prop 8 to be filed in before the year is out. And I fully expect groups on both side to push toward this case going before SCOTUS.

I’m thinking about this because a friend of mine is taking part in a nation wide protest against the outcome of Prop 8. He’s encouraging us to join him. And while I do appreciate why he’s feeling the way that he does, I don’t think protest of any kind will bring the resolution, or even begin to affect the outcome of this situation. This will be a protracted legal battle that will hopefully end in the SCOTUS acknowledging that any restrictions put on a legally recognized union between two humans is a violation of the First and Eighth Amendments.

Until that point, the two liberal coasts are going to keep putting ballots out there that are going to end up with legal challenges. It’ll be a process of uplift and heartbreak. One that I’d advise everyone to stay the hell away from until you see nine old fucks wearing black robes in Washington giving a shit. You’re just gonna end up with your hearts broken.

Oh, and if there is any confusion on the subject, I think that all of this crap regarding gay marriage is our modern segregation. In all of the arguments about gay rights, change the words “gay”, “lesbian”, and “homosexual” to “black” or “mixed-race” and you’ll sound like a racist out of the 50s. I’ve gone on record with the local news saying this back when they were trying to amend the Constitution during the last presidential election. Laws should be made to protect individuals and society, not to discriminate.

Adding this in case people think I’m a lazy fuck and want to go exercise their right to protest.

The group organizing their protest is called Join the Impact. Their national site is here, and their local Memphis protest page is here.