We’ve know for years now that the true superstructure of the universe isn’t a bit like we perceive it to be. It isn’t matter or energy that make up the substance of our reality, but rather contextual quantum information. The universe looks and acts like it does because we’re here to see it. What we perceive as reality is a psuedo-holographic projection coming from a maelstrom of activity on the quantum level.


I’m sure that didn’t make a damn bit of sense to you. It barely made a damn bit of sense to me the first time I read it. It didn’t fully click for me until a year or two after I read it and that was around the time that I started drinking in college. I’m sure the two are unrelated.

Let me try to clean it up a little bit so you don’t go scarring your liver in an attempt to understand what the fuck I’m yammering about.

Say you have a baseball sitting on a table in front of you.

No, I don’t know why it has to be a baseball. It could be an orange or any fuck thing for all I care. Imagine it’s your girlfriend’s tits if you want something more enjoyable to focus on. Or don’t if they aren’t that great. What do I care. Just pick something and put it on the table.

Now, I know this next bet is going to sound very Matrix-y, and I’m really sorry for that. It will pay off later, I promise.

There isn’t a baseball/orange/pair of tits there at all.

What you perceive as a baseball/orange/pair of tits is just your brain forming a reality based off input from your senses. We interpret the information being cast off of from the quantum superstructure as the baseball/orange/pair of tits on the table.

(Can you imagine how creepy it would be to come home and find a pair of disembodied tits on you kitchen table?)

(I bet my cat would have already have fallen asleep on one of them.)

The only real constant in the universe is information. Matter, energy, time and all the rest of that shit doesn’t really exist. It is the information coming from the quantum level that forms the basis for all of reality.

They found this out by watching energy waves moving through a black hole, and they were mortified/elated to find out that the pattern information in those waves was coming out the other side of the event horizon. It was garbled, sure, but it wasn’t supposed to be coming out at all. It is the equivalent of throwing a whole tree into a wood chipper and watching unmarred branches and section of trunk come out the other side. They might come out purple and made of cheese, but you’d be able to look at it and recognize bits of the tree that you just threw in.

Stephen Hawking actually lost a bet over this. He said nothing came out of black holes, and when he was proven wrong, he paid out his bet – an encyclopedia of baseball (not an encyclopedia of oranges or pairs of tits).

You’re probably a little confused by what exactly I mean as “information” in this context. Let’s see if I can do something to help.

Information, in relation to quantum theory, is anything that can differentiate one thing from another. A wonderfully loose and encompassing definition, but still the most accurate one.

In a lot of ways, the universe operates like a video game. In a game world, there isn’t anything there but information; a seemingly pointless mix of things that can be represented in multiple ways, but by itself it is effectively indecipherable. However, if you run that information through a process that is meant to interpret it, you suddenly have a tangible three dimensional space. Our senses are the interpreter for the code of the universe.

In most video games, assets in the game are just simple objects that have a set of parameters attached to them. If you told the code to make something large or smaller, it would likewise scale in the player’s world. It also works for things like location. If a player’s location is X, you can just change his location to Y and he’ll reappear at Y. Everything that makes up that player’s reality is just a set of sliders and input fields that tweak things in the source code.

It is supposed that our informational universe works in the same way. If we could find a way to tap directly into the superstructure, we could theoretically rewrite the contextual information that defines us. Instead of needing giga-joules of energy to make a wave of protons jump a few millimeters, you cloud just recontextualize them where ever you wanted them to be. If you wanted to be taller, adjust the contextual information and make yourself taller. If you wanted to go to Mars, just tell the universe that you aren’t sitting in your chair anymore, but rather on a vista looking at Olympus Mons.

It is all very theoretical at some point, but that doesn’t mean that one day you won’t have a little gray box in your pocket that can transport you any where in existence and make you look like you’ve always wanted to look.

The implications for technology like this are broad and many of the frightening, but it makes for an excellent place to lose yourself in thought.

Why am I talking about this? The information theory is pretty much the basis of how the over the top stuff works in HOOD, THE CURIO and THE PATTERNERS. And I felt like sharing a little bit of my brain with you today, children.