This is from the guy who directed Casshern, which if I haven’t made you watch it, check out the trailer – now.

Before directing major features, Kazuaki Kiriya worked on Japanese music videos. He learned how to use visual effects to stretch paper thin budgets into jaw dropping visual feasts. His work has impressed the big wigs on this side of the Pacific; Warner Bros signed him to a two picture deal earlier this year. His first task? A space opera about an alien attack on Earth. Gleeeeeee.

As for GOEMON, it is a Japanese folktale about their version of Robin Hood. A ninja who steals from corrupt lords and gives back to the poor. Like most folktales, there are overlapping accounts and versions of the story. The only thing that the stories agree on is that Goemon eventually gets captured and boiled to death.

(Wait, was that a spoiler? Shit.)