My friend Tim Robinson has apparently put up a bit of a blog and neglected to let me know.

What’s funny about it is that I was tempted to offer to open up a the BRV so he could write a music column when he felt like it, and the bastard has gone and done it himself.

He’s got a series going now about what he’s listened to this year. Not a best of, per say, but a summation of his audiophile wanderings from this year.

Fair warning – dude knows his stuff, and speaks about it like he was talking to a peer with equal knowledge. Don’t expect any hand holding or Pitchfork wankery here.

I listen to a lot of music.  A lot of strange music that other people either don’t know about or don’t particularly care for.  Contrary to popular belief, I would love it if more people listened to what I do, because then I could talk to people about it instead of geeking out all by my lonesome.  To aid this entirely selfish goal I will attempt to document most or all of the things I have listened to that were released in the year 2008, in roughly alphabetical order.

Series starts here.