I’m going to start pimping my friends on a weekly basis, or if any of them actually do anything interesting during the week, I’m sure I’ll talk about it when it happens.

Dave is still working his way through his masochistic bizarre drinks challenge. The whole thing is probably grounds for his institutionalization, but it is wonderfully fun for the rest of us. Schadenfreude and all of that. I mean what else can you do at laugh at a man who does shit like this:


The Radio-Sweethearts celebrated their year anniversary (blogiversary?) with their blog being down. They are back now, doing their normal NPR nerdery, and talking a lot about their new dog, Henry.

I also want to stab them both for implanting the term “baroo” into my consciousness. Or let their dog eat them. Or something.

Fuck you. No baroo.

Brandon’s been doing his normal photog bit, which has taken him into the belly of the beast.

If you will now, take a minute and try to imagine a process that will simultaneously make your bones noticeably whiter in a matter of minutes, AND not give you cancer of the head. I felt the pores around my hair loosening just being near the damn thing, let alone giving one a blow job for 15 minutes.

He also went to the Roller Derby the other night.