Nashville-based How I Became the Bomb has started giving away music. Entire EPs worth of music, mind you. And they are doing it on a regular basis. The idea is that they’ll compile the stuff, add a little bit and release a full-blown album once they have enough stuff. For the time being, if you give them a valid email, they’ll give you free music. Seems like a decent swap to me.

Here is Tim’s write up of the first EP in the series.

Tennessee band How I Became The Bomb popped up on the radar a few years ago with a sweet little collection of quirky, nerdy, indie pop songs about Superman 2, vengeful robots, and lying to chicks in bars.  While normally not my thing, there was something about them that clicked with me, and I’ve been anxiously waiting new releases for a while.  Luckily they resurfaced this year with a novel distribution technique: frequently free to download EPs which would be collected at the end of the year into an “Annual” physical release with bonus tracks, art, etc.  It’s a great idea, but we’ll see if it keeps their attention.  Volume I is some of the best 10 minutes of music you could hope for this year; from the openning vocoder and kitschy scifi synths of the space love ballad “Salvage Mission” you know this is going to be something.

Verdict: There is absolutely no reason to not download this.  It’s free and short and awesome.

The guys from the Bomb are among the nerdiest, most awkward people I’ve ever met.

Please take their free music. And if you like it enough, buy their merch. They have gambling problems and your monies will keep their legs from being broken.

(Not joking.)