Dear Perverts, Deviants and Friends,

First, the final summation:

Fuck Comcast. Go Hulu.

The reasoning:

I love my TV, and I love my Internet. I have a giant fuck-off television I use to watch it on. I have a very nice computer I use to make money on the Internet. I enjoy using both my TV and my Internet to play video games online with my friends.

However, my ultimate usage of both is fairly limited. I know exactly what I watch on TV, a dozen or so shows across a half dozen HD networks, and three shows on two standard definition networks. That is it. For that plus a horribly unstable internet connection I pay $150 a month. Which is absolutely batshit. Both for me to pay it, and for them to charge it.

I informed Comcast of my feelings, and through their Twitter customer service folks, they gave me an email to talk to. I sent them an ultimatum: find a way to give me what I want for $100 or lose my money.

I just got off the phone with the Comcast person, and they weren’t even going to come close to that. $15 off for 4 months was their offer. $60. Are you kidding me? You force literally hundreds of channels I don’t want down my throat, you have horrible internet stability and you expect me to accept it while you slowly creepy price higher and higher?

The hell with you.

Nearly everything I want to watch I can watch on The shows I can’t? There are other ways to get them.

So, that’s it Comcast. You were always a shitty company offering a bloated, sub-standard product. And I’m finally fed up enough to do something about it.

I think the rest of you should do the same. Show them that until we can pay for only what we want, not all that excess shit they try to shove down our throats, that we’re not going to keep them going.