Anna Nolan is a lesbian ex nun.

I’ll give you a second with that one.

Good? Ok.

She was also on the first season of Big Brother. The real on in England, no the watered down one they air in the States. The Brits liked her enough that the BBC gave her a limited run documentary series called Anna in Wonderland. The six half hour episodes deal frankly and openly with people living on the outer edges of sex in the modern world. One of those episodes deals with furries.

Here’s the tag for the episode from the series description:

Anna also meets characters such as the Furries, a group of people in the USA who believe that they have an animal inside them. Bear and Wabbit explain that ‘yiffing’ is their word for petting and sex and ask Anna to join them in a group ‘yiff’ otherwise known as a ‘fur pile.’

I think you all know how I feel about furries, they creep me the fuck out. But, if something makes you happy, who the hell am I to tell you that it is wrong.

In this episode, Anna deals with the furries she meets as real people. She addresses them with their fur names and doesn’t pass any judgements. Well, at least not any immediate ones.

I can’t embed the episode, but hit the links below to watch it.
Anna Meets the Furries, part 1
Anna Meets the Furries, part 2
Anna Meets the Furries, part 3

I know some of you might be a little unnerved at the thought of watching a documentary about the batshit insane yiffers, but it is actually really good.

(I also know a few of you are too fucking excited for your own good and should never, ever touch me again.)