Another video from the BBC about weird sex. This time, they’re focusing on the lives of doll fuckers. Yeah, you heard me. This is a 45 minute documentary about people who fuck 100lb pieces of silicone that have been molded to look like women. The video also does segments on the guy who founded the company that makes the Real Dolls, and a guy who fixes them. Well, mainly the fix-it guy just swaps out the destroyed vagina insert.

I nearly vomited watching him go fishing around in the doll’s fuck hole with his bare hands. The man apparently had no qualms sticking in fingers in dried pervert cum.

With the other video about the furries, I could at least accept that they were getting out and being social with each other. The people in this video, though. I think they are all mass murderers waiting to happen.

Especially the guy in Virigina.