They’re calling it an “unconference”. What ever the hell that means.

Basically, it’ll be a bunch of Memphis social networking nerds trying to talk to each other about how to work with the systems to get the results they want. I’m sure there will be a smattering of business and marketing people, too. And a few bloggers. But, who gives a shit about bloggers.

Anyway I’ve got 40 minutes, split between me talking and a Q&A. Here’s my topic and its corresponding blurb.

Alternate Reality Games – A new way of thinking about social media

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are social media narrative constructs built by the actions of those that participate in them. This talk will focus on the history of ARGs, give a brief lexicon of terms, examine a few case studies, and ultimately focus on how ARGs can be used in the Mid-South market.

Most of those 40 minutes I’m up there will probably consist of the following internal monologue:

Don’t say fuck. Don’t say fuck. Don’t say fuck. Don’t say fuck. Don’t say fuck.

Hopefully my talk will be a little more fun and out there than the rest of them. If you’ve got any interest in this stuff, you should come out. This first SocialCamp is pay what you can.

Registration is here.