From a 1990 performance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

The reason for the unique, alien, but oddly Asian sound folk music coming out of Central Europe?

In a word: Huns.

The Huns were nomads that started to come out of the Asian steppe in the Second Century AD. They moved west, pressing into the Islamic world, then into the heart of Europe. Over the course of several dozen generations of constant movement and invasion, the Huns couldn’t exactly remember where the hell they came from, so they settled in the area we now call Hungary. The resulting culture was a completely singular mix of Asian, Islamic and European influences. The dress and music are Asian, the food is Islamic and European, the religion is strict Roman Catholic. The Hungarians are a pocket of people that epitomize the meeting points between the East and the West.

And they make some of the most amazing music in the world.