You’ll get bizarre mental aberrations like this:

lofidelity You say, “Darling, let’s go dancing.” I say, “They kill people like you where I’m from.”

lofidelity You say, “Darling, let’s get a puppy.” I say, “You know I’ll just eat this one like I ate the last five, are you trying to make me fat?”

lofidelity You say, “Darling, I love you.” I say, “Don’t you come near me in the dark with that thing between your legs. I’ve seen what you do with it.”

lofidelity You say “Darling, I’m leaving you.” I say, “I promise to take off the giant rubber Katy Perry costume if you’ll stay. Wait, that’s a lie.”

And be able to join in interesting conversations about things like urethral sounding, testicular saline injections and people named “Shugahfree”.