I have done a terrible, terrible, wonderful thing.

I have had an idea.

Or, rather, I’ve taken a nascent idea from Warren Ellis and turned it into a gathering of people and ideas. Ellis’ idea was as follows:

(placeholder name, no domain available)

one site, five writers, five weekdays (five RSS feeds). every day each writer posts something new – either a piece of a serial, or a short fiction, or an article. Under 500 words, ideally (probably 100-200 words is the ideal), but whatever. Each writer is therefore, yes, generating content for free – but each writer’s sequence goes POD-book when it’s generated enough words, the spine and back of the book also bearing the ROTOR mark. And then start again. Or bail out and free up a slot for another writer, whatever.

(tumblr version of same: one writer, one illustrator, one photographer, one musician, one video/filmmaker = five slots = one POD DVD every six months or whenever)

#thinkingoutloud (nothing I’ll ever have the time to do, so I throw it out into the wild)

Instead of using 5 writers, I’m using 5 creators. Two visual, three verbal. All different in tone and personality.

Conceptually, the site should operate like prime time television. The shows on Monday and Wednesday have nothing to do with each other and appeal to different audiences. Hopefully, people will like everything, but realistically, people are going to tune in for their favorite shows. My hope is that we throw out a wide enough net that there is always something to interest all comers.

Our current summer line-up is as follows:

Myself, doing a 52 week long serialized fiction piece
Derek Stiles, providing illustration and graphical magic
Brandon Dill, with his amazing photography
Matthew Crawford-Trisler, will be the poet-in-residence
Toby Sells, shall strive to keep us grounded with his short fiction

The weekends are going to be left open to our friends. We’ll have a submissions section one we go live, and people who want to show their stuff off will be given a whole day to do it.

Keep your eyes and ears pointed toward www.thegreatandsecretthing.com. We go live May 1st.

EDIT: May 1st is a Friday, we’ll go live May 4th, the following Monday.