This is one of those bad idea/good idea things that I’ll hang on to but can’t do anything with right now…

It originally comes from an idea that Tim and I had back in college. We’d clear a wall in one of our apartments (houses in Savannah had 15′+ ceilings) and cover it in 1′x1′ paper squares. Then one of us would start at a corner and draw a piece of geography. Then the next person would draw on a connected square, adding more geography and  continuing off of what the other person had done. Eventually, you’d cover the entire wall with what would hopefully be a unique and interesting basis for any number of stories.

You could easily translate that to a web project. Make a 15×15 grid of thumbnails, and when you click on the thumbnail, a page pops up with a zoomed in image of that section of the map. Say, 1000px by 1000px, with a little bit of decription at the bottom and tools to navigate to other parts of the map. With a little code monkeying, you could probably make the thing scale infinately and open it up to tagging, user submissions and maybe even some kind of unified toolset to make the maps.

If any of you want it, the idea is yours.