God. Fucking. Dammit.

I hate when I stumble across something but I can only find the roughest edges to even prove that it exists.

In Japan (why do all crazy things I find either start with “In Japan” or “In Russia”?) there is a social…meme? subset? fashion? called subekan.

Here’s the wikipedia entry:

The common signifiers of sukeban (described by the Japanese police in 1980s pamphlets as “omens of downfall”) include brightly-dyed or permed hair, and modifications of the school uniform such as wearing coloured socks, rolling up the sleeves and lengthening the skirt. Sukeban may engage in activities such as glue sniffing, stimulant use, shoplifting, theft, prostitution and violence, but if arrested, they can be charged with the lesser offense of “pre-delinquency”. The word sukeban was originally used by delinquents, but has been used by the general population since 1972.

Girl gangs dressed up in colorful mockeries of the traditional sailor-girl uniforms. They also use fucking yo-yo as weapons. In doing a little more digging into this, I’ve come across references to the Kanto Women Delinquent Alliance. Apparently, it was a twenty thousand person plus gang of young women in the area around Tokyo back in the 70s. But that is all that I can find about it.

If this is real, then it means that there was organized female crime force in Kanto that was equal, if not greater, in sheer numbers to the yakuza.

Gah. I must find out more. I must find out if this was true.