I believe in memetic life. I believe that if viruses are to be considered a creature strung between life and death, then information must be viewed in the same way. Information is transmissible, and through transmission, it is capable of replication. Its information may be wrapped in sheaths of silicon and paper instead of protein and amino acid, but it is still just information.

I think there are types of memetic life that can be identified. Ideas that have traced out such a path along the history of human existence that they are perpetually intertwined with us, like the mitochondria in our cells.

I call one of these types of life the Sublime Lover. It comes to you in a simple string of words. “I dreamed I met the love of my life.” The idea swims in through your eyes or ears, and buries itself in the fertile beds of your imagination. There it spreads out to your memories, creeping over the walls between thoughts like a vine. It pulls a little bit from here, some from there, and just a pinch from over there. By the time it is done, the Sublime Lover has a fully formed construct, ready to erupt into your mind.

When it comes to you, it’s just as real as the first time you fell in love. The heady passion of it all infuses every part of your being. You love this person. You love them unconditionally and uncontrollably as long as the dream holds. The Sublime Lover feeds off that raw unchecked emotion. It gorges like an animal just awoken from a long hibernation, knowing that the plenty will vanish once you awake. And that’s exactly what happens. Reality breaks the dream, you wake and that pure love is gone. You’re left unsettled because, even though it was a dream, you’re still devastated at the loss of this person. This person that existed only in the space of a dream.

Then you tell some one about this experience, about how vivid the dream was, and how much you loved that person. You tell them that you said “I love you”, and you can still hear your voice ringing in your ears. You tell them about the smells, the touches and the tastes. You tell them about it all being a dream. And, just like that, you’ve passed on the Sublime Lover.

You didn’t need all of the flowery stuff to passed it on, just the basic idea. Memetic life isn’t like organic life. We evolve through iteration, evolution and mutation. Memetic life evolves by absorption. Only the basic, most vital parts are transferred from one person to another. The Sublime Lover that one person has will be completely different from the one another person has.

That’s how this is going to work now. I have just infected all of you with the Sublime Lover. I have spread it to the hundreds of you, and you will spread it to thousands, and they to countless millions. And even though it all came from a single source, they will all be different.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?