I think I’m going to do one of those LOST-style things where I open each act with David waking up from a dream. For those that don’t get the bit, LOST starts most of their episodes with a close shot on some one openining their eyes.

Today’s MAGICTOWN is here.

David tries to shout for his father, but his voice won’t come. His jaw is slow to move, and his tongue even more sluggish. He feels the air come up his throat, but he can’t form the wind from his lungs into sound. Struggling at it, he manages a sound, something akin to what a deaf-mute would make. Tears start to build in his eyes as he tries again, begging his voice to return so he can call out to his father. Another croak in the place of a shout. As his lip begins to quiver, David inhales deeply, trying one last time to cry out for his father. At first the sound won’t come, it is dragging its feet through mud and tar. Then finally, it breaks free.