You could encode a wall of graphic novels and a stack of hard drives full of interviews into a form readable by Google Maps and spit out a KML file of every city street in the world where at one time Garth Ennis has been in a booth at the back with a beer, Grant’s been at the window with a vodka and a notebook, and I’ve been outside with a handheld computer and a cigarette.

-Warren Ellis from the newest Do Anything.

The Grant in this context is Grant Morrison.

These three men, plus Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, define the Anglophile Invasion of American comics. They have bettered it in immeasuarable ways and I am horribly jealous of them all.

Wait, no. Not jealous. Jealous has as streak of something in it that isn’t right. A bitterness when there should be sweet and savory.

I want to be one of the people that talk about these creators like they talk about Jack Kirby, and I want to be where they are now.