The Endeavor launch, STS-127, was scrubbed twice this weekend because of weather issues. First on Friday because of lightening strikes, then again on Sunday because of inclement weather.

Apparently NASA thought it might be risky to send up some of their best and brightest on an incredibly expensive piece of equipment when things like this are happening:


Around these parts we’ve got a name for people like that: pussies.

The STS-127 will launch today, but only if no one sees a black cat or stubs their toe.

Liftoff is set for 6:51pm EDT.

NASA announced last month they’re formulating plans to drop the International Space Station out of the sky sometime in 2016. Which, as you can imagine is a bit unsettling to the governments who’ve spent north of a hundred billion dollars (and are still spending) to build the thing. Oh, the thing which actually won’t be done for another two years?
The Washington Post has a bizarrely glib article about the whole situation up here. The best part of which is their ending quote from a man who gets off on trashing manned spaceflight.

Park has a different suggestion: “Give it to China. Let them support the damn thing.”