The Horribly Brain Breaking Question:

If you are born into a state of augmented reality, does that augmented reality become reality? And if so, what does augmented augmented reality look like?

The Drunken Stumble of Thoughts to Get There:

Effectively, we’re already living in an augmented reality in comparison to things that don’t have as broad of a range of senses as we do. We live in an augmented reality compared to dogs. Bees live in an augmented reality compared to us.

Now, what if you added a bit of tech to the human biology. Say, a self-replicating nano device that was a genetic Internet connection. GPS, connectivity to the group thought, ocular content browsing, location based data sources, all of that shit that is part of what we’re theorizing augmented reality to look like. The first generation to have something like this could honestly call their existence an augmented reality. But, what about their children?

They come out of the womb and their reality is already augmented, so the baseline is moved up and it opens up the question as to whether or not you can legitimately call it augmented still.

Then, what the hell do these people do to push their reality even farther? Make what they’re perceiving real instead of illusory?

Ah, Jesus, what the hell would that even mean?

Realtime reassembling of reality to match the group consciousness?

Is the increase in the speed of data transmission and processing really doing anything more than accelerating the trip to impermanence?