Kerry and I are giving a talk tomorrow at 10am. I have no idea where Social Camp is being held, she’s driving. I plan on being staggeringly drunk and horrifically beligirant.

You know, just a normal day for me.

Topic Title: Don’t Be a Social Media Douche Bag

Anyone that works in social media knows that guy. Yeah, that guy. That guy that follows 1400 people on Twitter, but only has 30 followers himself. That guy that claims he can get you 500 Facebook friends in a day. That guy that calls himself a social media expert with years of experience. That terrible, horrible social media douche bag guy.

This presentation will focus on ways to make an impact and reach your audience without being that guy. We’ll cover topics from pitfalls that might snare over-eager social media virgins to ways to ensure you don’t end up becoming a social media douche bag once you’re established.

Word on the street is that people are taking side bets to see how long it is before one of us cracks and says something “not safe for work”.

Its like they don’t have faith in us or something.