This is terribly rough, and not thought out very completely. But, I want to get it out of my head so I can move on to the finer details of Wave. There’s a lot here. And even more potential.

Here are my rough notes so far.

-Does everything, good at nothing.

There are faster and better ways to do the things Wave lets you do. Pictures? Picasa and Flickr. Email? Gmail or your own whatever mail. Chatting? Any mash-up program like Aduim or Trillian will work fine. But, these are all disparate programs. The real potential in Wave is the ability to mix everything together in one pot and see what comes out.

Plus, the Playback thing is just plain awesome.

-with:public broke my head.

I’m a huge fan of watching the Internet zeitgeist work its magic. The LiveJournal imagestream, things like PingWire and Twittervision are my go-to places when I need ideas, want to defrag, or just want to find out what’s hidden in the static. With:public is this. But, you know, times a billion. Imagine the world as one giant real-time bump sorted message board and you get what with:public is.

-I squee’d so hard I almost pee’d

I was playing around with Wave with a friend, and I saw a message block pop up beneath mine with her name next to a cursor. Then I watched the cursor start typing. Then I WATCHED IT BACKSPACE AS SHE REACTED TO MY REAL-TIME REPLY. I made a noise so loud it was heard across the office.

-Beta? Try late revision alpha.

Wave is busted as fuck, unoptimized as fuck, and desolate as fuck right now.

Lots of Google Wave doesn’t work at all right now. The to make a Wave public, you have to add the public contact. Except that public contact isn’t a real person, so you have to trick the system to add it. The spelling correction works…maybe…sometimes…if it feels like it. There are lots of things that should be button or menu based that just aren’t yet. Like the with:public thing. I’m sure the edges will get smoothed down, but right now it is sort of a pain to use.

This isn’t helped by the fact that Wave is a huge resource hog if you’ve got it open in a browser. I’m sure this will also get smoothed out. It also makes me kind of want a stand-alone app so I can tab over it from my web browser, instead of tabbing inside of another program.

Finally, Wave is pretty barren right now. And way penis heavy. Most of the users are male nerds. Things will get better as more people get involved, but right now the user base is still stumbling in the dark, trying to feel out the edges of the thing.

-Where this is all going to go

Besides the advertised collaborative, social networking and game bits, Wave will start to supplant other things. Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:

-Craigslist. You’re dead once Wave gets regional tagging working.
-Message boards. Expect there to by massive, unwieldily Waves for place like 4Chan and Something Awful.
-Huge games. With the graphics engine that can be built into this, expect this to be like the re-birth of MUDs, crossed with the Mafia games, except have them look decent and probably have some kind of AI brain to play against.
-MP3 Waves. Imagine HypeClub as a Wave. With the songs in the Wave. I’ve just blown your mind.

I’ll have more as I play with it.