I saw Paranormal Activity on Friday at a midnight showing as part of Indie Memphis. I’m not going to talk about what I thought of the movie. I am, however, going to talk about the (probably unintentional, and thus, hilarious) subtext that the movie has about Capitalism.


You have been warned.

Spoilers start….NOW.

So, the movie is about a guy and a girl. Kind of like a normal date movie, except the girl is being possessed by a demon and the guy is a douche-y day trader. Douche-y guy eggs the demon on, and ultimately gets killed for it. But, what’s interesting to me is what you can read into this. The creators of the movie didn’t have to make him a day trader, there could have been some other kind of independently wealthy work-at-home job for him. But, they did it because as a world just coming out of an economic collapse, we’ll find it very, very easy to not like a guy who we can imprint all of our economic angst upon.

And the girl? She’s a perfect counter-point to this. She’s a student, who wants nothing more to better herself and be left alone to work on her beadwork. She is the everyman who suffers at the oppressive, egotistical, greedy hand of the Capitalist day-trading douche of a boyfriend.  She suffers just like we all have. Which makes the finally of the movie, when she kills him, that much more satisfying.

Of course, this is all just a happy accident. Well, except for the guy being a douche, that was needed in the story. But, it is happy accident that makes Paranormal Activity into something else that it probably never meant to be – a topical comedy.