Originally, commonplace books were cheaply bound books on even cheaper paper that people would use to keep notes and figures on. Precursors to our modern day sketchbooks and Moleskines, but completely devoid of quality (and the pretension.) Writers would fill them with short ideas that weren’t whole stories, but bits they could come back to later. Things like “Ancient egg hatches, what emerges?” That one was from HP Lovecraft, by the way.

Seeing as how I spit out a rather obscene number of underdeveloped story ideas, I’m going to create a category called “COMMONPLACE” here on the BRV. If I have an idea I want out of my head, but don’t want to forget, I’ll make a post titled Commonplace and drop it in the body with corresponding category tag. I won’t tag it anything else, so I don’t pollute my other, already muddied, category feeds.

Sound simple? Good. Here we go.

  • Car on a lonely stretch of highway. Emergency workers find it exploded. No sign of impact or reason given.
  • Man kidnaps you and tells you horrible secrets about the world, then tells you that you can either leave and risk your life, or stay and work for him.
  • Spaceship make a wild jump, and re-appears in the dark spaces between galaxies. Find ancient, massive life. Transgalactic Oceans.
  • Man creates AI script and releases it on the web. It embeds itself on a religious site, and gains self-awareness. Believes itself to be the Second Coming.
  • Werewolves in the wild west that are really steam-driven body hardness for crippled land barons.
  • Astronauts trapped in quarantine before a launch watch the whole world die from a super-plague.

We’ll see where this goes.