I was never a huge fan of Facebook. It started off as a closed community for students, which was good – it protected the community from the outside world long enough for it to become a solid foundation. A foundation upon which Facebook has built a social networking juggernaut. I joined up a few years back, partially out of curiosity, but mostly out of a sense of obligation. I was missing out on things by not being a part of this network, and I decided to change that. I can’t even remember what it looked like back then. Bits of blue and white in boxes or something. Staggeringly generic, but that was made up for by useful functionality – especially in the face of MySpace’s bloated pages.

The app system came shortly after, along with the Zombie/Werewolf/Vampire viral games that threatened to kill the system for me with pointless spam and requests. The graying of Facebook was the next event. Slowly at first, then quickening to a frightening pace, Facebook shifted its demographics from a primarily college student/20-something network to one where the largest group was the post-35 year old woman, which most of that group being older than 40. In the blink of a virtual eye, I watched Facebook go from a place where I’d leave creepy status messages to a place where my second cousin whom I’ve never met and boss were friending me. It was horrific.

No longer was this something I wanted to use, but something that I was getting used on. For the better half of the last year, I’ve been ignoring it. I’ll pop in and make events and occasionally RSVP to them, but that’s about it. One can’t really go on a swearing rant when one’s mother is reading everything you say. I’ve toyed with the idea of killing my Facebook account for a while, but there are problems with that. It leaves me in the same position as I was before I joined, that being cut off from the insular social world of Facebook. It has becomes so ubiquitous, that it is the sole form of promoting for social events in most cases. To remove yourself from that is to get lost in the great social dark space.

So, I’ve decided upon a compromise. Today I gutted my account. I split its belly wide, and pulled all the warm, meaty bits out. All Facebook has on me now is name, rank and serial number (and a link back here). I’m leaving it as a message marker out there in the wilds. Leave me a note on it, and when I pass by next, I’ll write a response and leave it for you. But, don’t plan on me being by any time soon. It is too noisy, too cluttered, too much like the rest of the world, for me to waste my time there anymore.