Something I wrote last night:

Justice is a logical fallacy. It is just revenge perpetrated under the auspices of moral and legal righteousness. And revenge, in any form, is nothing more more than a one crime begot of another crime.

In the context of MAGICTOWN, you’ve got a repressed group of people that have basically been told they have to give over one of their own, guilty or not, so their oppressors can scapegoat that person for a crime with no clear suspect. A character says that the normals (the oppressors in this case) will demand justice for what’s happened. Another character responds with the above.

The line came to me as I was watching television with dinner. 30 Rock was preempted by the “breaking news” of a convicted killer being sentenced to life in jail for the killing of a Little Rock, AR news anchor. Some one commented how justice had been served, and I thought how strange that sounded. Justice, literally, means the action of fairness and equality. But the moment that man did harm to that woman, justice ceased to exist. There was no fairness in the blows he rained on her, no equality in the three days she faded in an out of consciousness on the floor of her apartment, unable to call for help. Likewise, there will be no fairness in this man spending the rest of his life treated as subhuman, no equality to be taken home by the woman’s mourning parents and friends. We console ourselves with this farce we call justice, when it is really just dressed up revenge.

And don’t mistake this for something it isn’t. I’m fine with us being violent little beasties. Sometimes that’s what we need to be. I also understand the need for the rule of law in organized society. But this is just a reminder that society is still a feral thing.