I’ve done the FastFiction thing before. It turned out decent, but I ran out of steam before I got too far.

Well, more specifically, I started a novel and that took precedence in my brain. But, at this point I’m far along in that that I can free up some brain cycles for other things. Plus, I miss hammering out 200 words in between fugues of work.

The rules are as follows:

You give me the following:
-One title, no more than four words.
-One keyword, that I will in turn use in the story as I see fit.

I give you:
-200 words, no more, no less, of short, lean narrative fiction.

Sounds like fair trade, no?

Entries can be left in the comments.

If you’re thinking that leaving response like Title: Shit Cock Fuck and Word: Obama are funny, then I’d like to invent a time machine to go back and abort you with a coathanger. I’m smart enough to do that, you know. And I’m only drinking on weekends now, so I’ve got scads of free sober time during the week. (Ok that’s a fucking lie. The part about the free time. (And maybe the bit about being that smart, but I can sure as fuck steal a time machine and wouldn’t it suck if you were killed by a sober bastard with a stolen time machine?))

Anyway, you help me out, and I’ll help you out.

Last time I did this, one of my pieces got published at 365Tomorrows.com. Let’s see if we can’t top this with go number two, shall we?

Original idea and credit for that idea are due to Mr Lee “Budgie” Barnett.