It was like a giant spiral – a shooting star that spun around and around

This thing is a giant question mark. And you know how I love questions marks.

It appeared in the sky over Norway last night and no one has a damn idea what it is. The spiraling light lasted for several minutes until spreading out and disappearing. It was seen as far north as Finnmark, and as far south as Trondelag. Two places I have never heard of, but are over 1200 miles apart. Making the lights, be them natural or artificial staggeringly bright and impossibly massive.

Theories right now range from a missile test gone wrong, to an atmospheric event to something that will coincide with Obama being in Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. Or, you know, a giant trans-dimensional hole being ripped into the northern sky.

But each theory has a direct counter. The curvature of the contrail, if that’s what it is, is far too symmetrical for a missile. Wind would have made it wobble, and thus distorted the contrail. If it was a natural event, it wouldn’t have gone on for several minutes like it did. If it was something man-made, we’re talking millions upon millions of dollars to build something like this.

Which means that mad science is probably at work here, and I can’t tell you how giddy that makes me.

Original article is here, badly translated through Google Translator.

The Daily Mail (yeah I know) has a piece here.

And here’s a video of it:

The Science Pirate in me is screaming SCIENCE!!! at the top of his lungs right now.