Ah, my lovelies. Been away far too long, been far too quiet, I know, I know. But, it has been the holidays, and it has been fiendishly cold outside. The sort of cold that freeze the blood, the thoughts, the ideas in your brain and won’t let go of them ’til spring thaw comes.

I think the final count on the number of consecutive hours below freezing was somewhere north of a hundred. Probably closer to one twenty five. Close to a week were being out of doors was a threat on your person. We made it through in one piece, but for some bizarre reason, our dish detergent didn’t. Got a gallon of the stuff sitting on my kitchen counter right now, filled to the brim with soapy ice slush. It’s been that way for three days now. Who knew that stuff had such a high freezing temperature? The rest of the stuff in the cabinet was fine.

Anyway, consider this the static-y pop of an amp turning on and a quarter inch guitar cord being plugged in. The mic is hot, and we’re back on the air.

And here are some attractive and frightening women taking off their costumes in a Star Wars burlesque.

Star Wars Burlesque Storm Trooper Courtney Cruz

Good morning, World. The Brain Release Valve is open for business.