As if outselling DC 2:1 wasn’t enough for them, they are going to add insult to injury.

In an effort to provide assistance to comic retailers in 2010, Marvel is offering retailers an opportunity to turn unsold comics into an extremely rare Siege #3 Deadpool Variant!

Retailers – for every 50 stripped covers of the following comics sent to Marvel, you will qualify to receive one FREE Siege #3 Deadpool Variant. The 50 stripped covers can be any combination of the comics listed below and all submissions need to be received at the Marvel office at the address below by Tuesday 2/16/2010. Also included with the stripped covers must be your store contact information including Diamond Account # and email address.

Stripped Covers To Be Sent:
Adventure Comics #4
Booster Gold #26
Doom Patrol #4
Justice League Of America #39
Outsiders #24.
R.E.B.E.L.S #10

Those are books that retailers had to order large amounts of to qualify for the Blackest Night rings promotion. They had to order X number of books to get a pouch of colored plastic lantern rings that the fanboys went apeshit over.

Can’t wait to see how DC will respond.

Via i09.