I…I’ve written about a lot of really horrific things in this category. But I think this one might be the most disturbing thing I’ve come across. If for nothing else than the fact that this person’s compulsion, which you’ll find out about in a second, is derived from pleasure. They enjoy having this happen, probably more than anything else in their lives. And that gives me the worst sort of chills, like there is something inky black and cold as ice slithering down my spine.

From The Times:

William Melchert-Dinkel, 47, an American nurse with a loving family, allegedly spent years posing as a twentysomething woman while trawling the internet for people he could persuade to kill themselves while he watched.

Investigators believe that he may have contacted more than 100 people across the world and that he was involved with at least five who killed themselves. He has allegedly admitted to American police that he was involved in at least four deaths, in addition to that of Mr Drybrough. He is expected to be charged within weeks.

Mrs Drybrough said: “This man appointed himself Mark’s executioner. He whispered in his ear each time he logged on to the computer. Because of his medical experience he knew exactly who he was looking for, what he was doing, the buttons he needed to push.”

A suicide voyeur. A suicide voyeur that pushes people to kill themselves so that he can climax.

Like I said: inky black, cold as ice and slithering.