I won’t deny the usefulness of Facebook. It connects people from all over the world and gives them a heretofore unimagined level of inter-connectivity. Something that I am not entirely against. After all, the blurring of the edges of a person through constant group connection is one of the road signs on the way to the Singularity. And I, for one, welcome our gray goo future.

Ahem. Back to the point.

Facebook became a problem for me in that their service ceased to be a service and started to be a responsibility. I liked it unto the tax of the social networking. Ostensibly, taxes and Facebook are good things. You feed a bit into a system, and in return you’re given this bevy of stuff back. But, at some point a disconnect happens. Things start to complicate the simplicity of the process, and the obvious benefit gets lost. An evolution of perspective happens, and the thing becomes a chore.

That’s what happened with me.

As Facebook grew, both in number of users and visibility to the world, it grayed at an alarming rate. Not that is a bad thing. Everyone grows older, but not always up, you know? The problem was that Facebook became a constant chaperone. My family, co-workers, clients, everyone, really, was friending me. And to anyone who says you can just ignore them, I say this: you are out of your mind. Sure, tertiary people that you barely know are easy to leave in limbo. But try doing that with your mother. It. Isn’t. Fucking. Possible.

So I have to vet all the content that’s posted about me every day. I even added filtering to prevent people from seeing certain things, but I swear the filters were designed in such a way to make you so frustrated that you wouldn’t ever use them.

Ultimately, it just wasn’t worth the headache any more. There were too many eyes that I didn’t want peering at me, so I cut the whole thing off.

But, just in case those eyes find their way here – there wasn’t one single event that did it. It was just the culmination of many things and the growing ubiquity of it all.

I’m out, all of my content is gone, and it feels wonderfully freeing.

And no, I won’t be back.