At first I was going to dismiss this like I would any speed run or high score game video. But after a few moments, the scale of what this person has done hits you. This video is the culmination of years of bizarre obsession and study, into something that has next to no real value. Much in the same way that performance car enthusiasts spend thousands to make their cars a few hundredths of a second faster to the legal speed limit, this man has traded years of his life to find the perfect Mandelbrot pattern to optimize a virtual city’s development. And he didn’t come arrive at it by chance, either. There is a level of knowledge here, in engineering, math, procedures, that speaks of a higher education, and an application of that knowledge through experimentation and observation that utterly impressive.

I’ll never understand why this person did what they did.

But I will always respect the achievement this is.

A bizarre, bizarre achievement.