According to the huge spike of incoming traffic, I’ve been linked to a forum post about The Buzzer, an old Soviet-era numbers station going quiet.

I wrote about The Buzzer a few years ago.

I’m not going to fall down the conspiracy rabbit hole with this, but it did make me wonder – what’s the newtech equivalent of a numbers station?

A static IP that spits out binary white noise until it flicks over and rolls out a string of encrypted text? For all of their mystery, numbers stations were pretty shitty means of transmitting secret data. You can’t encrypt radio signals, only encode them, and codes are easier to break since you can’t hide them, only smudge them a bit. Plus, radio has a limited range. You need to be able to hear it to get your super secret spy message, and if a big storm blows in when you’re supposed to receive your go/no go message, well, you’re fucked.