Don’t get hung up on the name. I came up with it in two seconds. But, do get hung up on the idea behind it.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the interesting bits in the Midsouth are buried under the same kind of mud that you’d find in a lake. Things fall to the bottom, and the moving water brings in silt. Stop moving, even for just a little bit, and you’ll get covered up, buried in muck. But, all you have to do to find something interesting is drag your fingers through the mud. I think there are dozens of creative people out there that just need a hand to come along and pull them out of the mud to produce something great.

Which is where the idea for a juried anthology comes in. Originally, juried shows were designed to give no-bodies the chance to compete along artistic greats. Was your stuff better? Then you were going to win, regardless of what your name or prestige was. Now imagine this for comics. A free to enter, categorically organized contest. Winner takes all (well, all the bragging rights), and you print the best of the show as a POD book, maybe even fund it with a Jumpstarter project.

To top the whole thing off, if your recoup costs, donate any profits to something like the Comic Book Legal Defense fund, or the charity that helps people in the comic industry get health insurance (the name escapes me at the moment, and Google is being stingy).

Dropping this idea here as a reminder to myself to bring it up to some friend of mine who might be able to make this happen.