I’ve been banging around ideas for a more regular feature on the Brain Release Valve, since things like ThisBrokenWorld and I Dare You To Watch This are sporadic as all hell.

Note: That is not a cue to the world at large to start dumping tons of bizarre shit onto the Internet, there’s enough of that as it is.

Starting this Friday, and hopefully every Friday after, I’ll be posting something I’m calling “Friday Frequency”. I’ll take a piece of audio, most likely music – but there are a few radio dramas/speeches/etc I’ve got designs on, post it here and give you a few hundred words about why I find it interesting. This won’t be a review or me saying “You should like this because XYZ”, but rather me pointing out the context or the elements of the piece of audio that I find interesting. The idea is not to make you want to go out and buy a record, but simply to make you curious about what I’ve posted and find out more for yourself.

Hopefully it will be short enough to keep things punchy and fun without me spiraling down into some half-mad fugue where I rant for a few thousand words about Ulver’s musical evolution.

Friday Frequency. Starting this Friday. Hope you like it.

EDIT: Changed from Frequency Friday to Friday Frequency. Allowed for a better ending bit.