Hajikkaki (はぢっかき) has a round white body with short arms and legs.

Via the amazing Pink Tentacle:

The Bakemono Zukushi handscroll, painted in the Edo period (18th-19th century) by an unknown artist, depicts 24 traditional monsters that once used to spook the people of Japan.

The Japanese probably have more creatures of folklore than any other culture in the world. They get hyper-specific in attributing what monster (yokai in Japanese) has dominion over what space. For example, a wall in an abandoned building might be haunted by one kind of monster, but a forgotten umbrella in the same building, or the dark attic will be haunted by completely different yokai. Not all of these yokai are evil, mind you. Most of them are tricksters and annoyances, and some are benevolent – mainly nature aspects, etc. Takashi Miike made an excellent family adventure movie about them a few years back called The Great Yokai War, I highly recommend that you check it out. I wrote a bit about it here.