This is the Orbitron.

Just look at it. Look at those lines. Look at that bubble top. Look at those headlights.

Those red, blue and green headlights that were focused to combine and make a single beam of white light.

This was the goddamned car of the future.

It was a one-off custom car designed by custom hot rod legend Ed Roth (creator of the Rat Fink character) and Ed Newton. Unfortunately, the car was deemed a failure when it was debuted, Roth attributing it to his choice to cover the beautiful painted and chromed engine, as well as to the Beatles. He stated that people were now buying guitars instead of cars.

Ultimately, the car was sold to another custom enthusiast, then to a series of private collectors. It was rediscovered in 2006 outside of an adult bookstore in Juarez, Mexico. After some finagling, a new collector was able to purchase the car and fully restored it, unveiling the reborn Orbitron in 2008.

More information and pictures are here at Kustomrama.