There is a level of cognitive dissonance here. And not in the fact that this is a movie about World War 1 era women fighting gangsters, mecha and dragons while wearing steampunk/gothic lolita outfits.

No, I’m talking about the fact that this visual money shot is directed by Zach Snyder (300, Watchmen), and I know it isn’t going to be very good. It’ll be too over the top and lose itself somewhere along the way. I’ll walk out of the theatre shrugging and wondering what the point of all of it was.

But there’s the thing – I’m going to walk out of the fucking theatre. Which means I had to walk into it in the first place. Which also means I had to pay to get there.

I know this movie isn’t going to be very good. But there’s absolutely zero chance that I’m not going to pay to see it.

See. Cognitive Dissonance.