Boris, aka boris, and BORIS, is an experimental rock band from Japan. They specialize in making sounds that musical reviewers try to categorize as “stoner metal” or “stoner doom metal”.

I don’t know what any of that means.

However, I do know that Boris is batshit crazy.

You see, there’s not just one Boris. There are three Borises.

BORIS – all uppercase, is the more listenable mainstream stuff. The track I’m going to have you listen to below, “Pink”, is an example of this kind of music. Loud, rough, but there’s melody and pop there at the core.

Boris – uppercase B, the rest lowercase, is more experimental. Long, slow waves of feedback appear. Traditional song structures may fade away into explorations and thematic fugues. You’ll probably find yourself wondering if they’ve fallen over dead against an amp on at least one track.

boris – all lower case, makes “Boris” seem downright coherent and bubble-gum. This variety of Boris often appears in collaboration with other noise artists like Merzbow. This stuf is unintelligible to most, and it can even be physically painful to listen to. Be wary of people who listen to this kind of boris.

But, BORIS is excellent. And this is one of my favorite tracks of their’s. The hard-rocking “Pink”.

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