Picked up this lovely nugget from Tim this morning.

(CBS/AP) Texas’ State Board of Education – following a long history of throwing itself into “culture war” issues – is set to vote Friday on a resolution calling on textbook publishers to limit what they print about Islam in world history books.
The resolution cites world history books no longer used in Texas schools that it says devoted more lines of text to Islamic beliefs and practices than Christian beliefs and practices.

“Diverse reviewers have repeatedly documented gross pro-Islamic, anti-Christian distortions in social studies texts,” reads a draft of the resolution, which would not be binding on future boards that will choose the state’s next generation of social studies texts.

The measure was first suggested to the board this summer by Odessa businessman Randy Rives, who lost his Republican primary bid for a seat on the panel earlier this year.

The conservative-leaning and heavily evangelical Christian board pushed the item to a vote.


Don McLeroy, who is serving the final months of his term after also losing in the GOP primary, said he believes even current textbooks still reflect an anti-Christian bias.

“The biggest problem I saw was their overreach not to be ‘ethnocentric,”‘ McLeroy said of an Advanced Placement world history book approved in 2003 and still in use. “It’s a very, very, very, very biased book. Christianity didn’t even make it in the table of contents.”

McLeroy is one of the most outspoken of a group of board members who have pushed several conservative requirements for social study textbooks used in Texas, including that teachers cover the Judeo-Christian influences of the nation’s Founding Fathers.

“It’s that great idea. That radical idea of Judeo-Christianity, that man is created in the image of God. So if you have world history books that downplay Christianity – Judeo-Christianity – and it doesn’t even make it in the table of contents, I think there’s a great concern,” McLeroy said.

The Texas Board of Education is full of loonies that like to rattle their cages and toss excrement at anything that happens by. If you read the full text of the article, you’ll find that two of the people sourced (like the Rives fellow mentioned above) are now lame ducks, and this is the last gasp of the damned. Which in all likelihood, is the first good thing the Tea Party’s ever done.

That’s a guess on my part, but the only people beating incumbent Republicans in primaries are Tea Party Republicans. So, go figure.

It also points out that the text books they are censuring are now out of print and unused, and that the resolution is completely non-binding.

Makes one feel like this country is in an arms race to beat out the Islamic republics for who’s got the most religious integration/bias at a governmental level.