That’s Franz Nicolay, formerly of The World/Inferno Friendship Society and The Hold Steady singing a song off his “”Saint Sebastian of the Short Stage” EP. The song is the story of Hollis Mason, a character from the seminal graphic novel Watchmen.

Franz does a brilliant job of capturing the naive, but impassioned an ultimately tragic life of the character. Some of the lyrics are just perfect.

“I believe that I can solve the world’s hurt from underneath this hood.”

“But if the choice is cynicism, rage or giving in…
Well which world would you rather live in?”

“The game has changed, I’m obsolete, it’s a strange world for heroes.”

Franz also has a new album out any day now – “Luck and Courage“. You can get more info at his site, or if you’re an eMusic subscriber like me, get an advance copy of the album today.