Just wrote this in response to some one asking about Graceland Too on Reddit.

Here’s a short primer about Graceland Too.

1. This is deadly serious. You are visiting a man’s life’s work. Do not, FOR ANY REASON, think that this is some kind of esoteric joke. Show the same reverence for this as you would to visiting the Catacombs in Rome.

2. Tour takes anywhere from an hour to two hours. Price is $5 a head, and after you’ve been 3 times you become a lifetime member. Lifetime members get in free.

3. Do not go as a group of all men or all women. Paul’s sexual…proclivities…are becoming more pronounced as time goes on, and stacking the group one way or the other can lead to him either hitting on everyone constantly (all girls) or talking about how he splatter painted the walls with his semen (all men). You will be unable to escape him telling you that Coca Cola makes him horny, he drinks enough of it to inseminate all of China, and that his ejaculate is the equivalent of Southern-style biscuit gravy.

4. Do not go alone. Do not go with two people. Three is a minimum requirement. You go in groups of at least three because these comments are going to be directed at a single person. Three is the minimum number of people that will keep Paul distracted and give you time to recover.

Oh, I said “deadly serious” in Item 1 because Paul Macleod has a gun on him at all times. He once answered the door with a shotgun in his arms after blowing the brains out of a raccoon that had gotten into his house. My friends had to step around the carcass on the tour.

As some one who’s racked up a few lifetime membership’s I can say that Graceland Too is an experience I’ll never forget. However, I can’t say that it’s the sort of place I can recommend anymore. My friends and I used to be die-hard fans, but Paul’s slipping. You can tell the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year open door policy of drunken Ole Miss students is wearing on him.

And some day, he’s gonna snap and use that gun on some one who cracked one too many jokes behind his back. Or you’ll find the body of a broken old man, dead on the floor of a ramshackle building in Holly Springs.

Either way, I don’t want to be there when it happens.